Fence Solutions for a Roofing Company

There is no doubt that a roofing company needs to keep a lot of materials on hand for their customers, both commercial and residential.  The need for storage space is a huge concern for a roofing company.  Often, massive warehouse are required to house all the materials that a roofing company needs to keep on hand.  Is outdoor storage a viable option for these roofing companies?  That all depends on the type of material, climate, and local security concerns in that particular area.  Sometimes a secure, well built exterior fence is all that is needed to handle these storage concerns.

So what kind of fence are we talking about here?  Chain link.  Chain link is affordable and comes in all sizes, including very high sizes that are perfect for keeping unwanted guests and thieves away from your roofing materials.  A 12 foot chain link fence with a strip of barbed wire atop it is just as effective as a 12 foot concrete wall.  Of course there is always the possibility of someone cutting a hole in your chain link fence, however, high grade chain link fencing is incredibly difficult to cut through.  Still not convinced with chain link? Get yourself a guard dog and a security camera system.

Climate is another concern when it comes to outdoor storage.  Humidity and high temperatures can wreak havoc on wooden materials and even some plastic composites.  However, some metal roofing supplies would be fine left outside in most climates.  Also, flat roofing materials, such as tar sheets and rubber materials should be fine if left outside in the elements.  A simple shelter could also be placed over the materials.  Of course no one wants a warped wooden roof, so I highly recommend keeping all wooden roofing materials inside for long periods of time. Overnight storage of wooden material should be fine as long as the materials are treated for moisture resistance.

The goal of all of this, of course, is to reduce the need for massive warehouse storage.  Most roofing companies take advantage of both outside and inside storage of their roofing materials.  It all depends on the individual roofing companies needs.  I recommend contacting a local fencing company in your area to discuss the possibilities of installing a fence to handle some or all of your storage needs.  The benefits could far outweigh the costs of a simple chain link fence.

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