How to Maintain a Tile Roof

Tile roofing offers significant benefits compared to other roofing types. Tile roofs are not only durable but can also withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to pests. The installation of tile roofs is quite expensive hence the need for repair rather than replacement in case of damage. The most important thing with roofing materials is ensuring the installation is done correctly. This will save you valuable money which you might have to spend in future.  

Here are guidelines that can help you maintain a tile roof:

  • Periodic inspections

Although tile roofs can last for over a century it is necessary to inspect your roof occasionally. Inspect for any tiles sections that are either chipped or cracked. If you find any sections that are damaged make sure they are replaced immediately.  Call today if you need immediate help.

  • Cleaning Debris

An important way to properly maintain any roof is to cut back any overhanging trees. This reduces shade and debris over your roof and slows down the growth and development of algae and moss. You should clean the valley sections of the roof because these are the parts that are particularly prone to debris build up.

  • Replacing and fixing broken tiles

Walking on a roof tile and improper roof installation often result in damaged or broken tiles. Other factors that can damage tiles include high winds and large hail. Avoid walking on the tiles by all means. Work from a roof ladder or on the planks. At times you may see undamaged tiles being shed off the roof for no reason. This is an indication for improper installation and you may have to use proper nails or use an adhesive to solve the problem.

  • Fixing metal flashings

During your inspection you may identify metal flashings that need fixing. To repair these flashings, lift the tiles around the area, replace the flashings and then return the tiles. This could be a good time to replace any broken tiles on your roof. Safety is paramount when handling a tile roof hence the need to hire a professional.

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